The Voice of a Sound Psychology! By Rev. Gaylin Read

We deal with many types of people here at SOIL that are at different levels of God Realization upon the path and whether a person is a newbie or long time traveler we always stress the importance of working on the psychological aspect of the path along with the spiritual . There are many that lack mastery of the psychological level of the path because they only focus on the Spiritual Level. The work of cultivating self mastery, unconditional self love and worth, discernment, overcoming victimization and integrating a healthy psychological sense of self are all worked on from the psychological level of the path. The spiritual level consists or working on things like studying, praying, and meditating etc. The Psychological Level of the Path is the cornerstone of the foundation that needs to be put in place for the rest of the house to be built properly. The cornerstone of the foundation of any building is the first stone that is set and the rest of the building should be constructed around this stone. Here at SOIL we agree with the bible that the cornerstone of the faith is Christ and to be able to think and feel as a Christed being we must know the thoughts and feelings of the Divine. Knowing how the Christ thinks and feels relates to our Divine Psychology. Being that we are created in the Image and Likeness of God/dess and the fact that we did not create ourselves means that we have a spark inside of us that is entirely capable of thinking and feeling as God/dess. We must first get our thinking and feeling in alignment with the thoughts and feelings of the Divine – we must put the stone in place. The Stone is Christ and every Saint, Sage or Avatar that ever walked the Earth showed us the express Nature of the Divine. The Masters of the wisdom traditions put their stone in place with a right psychology.

Yeshua Messiah is the perfect expression the Divine Nature and definitely representative of the “Stone” of a right psychology. Yeshua said that his sheep hear his Voice. To hear the Voice one must know the nature of the Voice as there are many voices “out there” so to speak. A person can have a condemning voice in their head, a lustful voice, a greedy voice, a supportive voice, an encouraging voice etc. All of these “voices” have to do with a person’s inner self talk and their ability to identify the Voice will determine which “voice” a person follows. Here at SOIL Ministries we cannot stress the value of a right psychology that has at its foundation a stone of a right psychology and philosophy of living. All of the course and programs that we offer are designed to assist you to integrate and balance your Divine Identity. We do this by assisting you to move out of a victim / lower self / dualistic / five sense / win-lose / consciousness and reality into a Christed / Unified / Oneness / Multi-sensory / Win-Win consciousness and reality. We assist you to clear, heal and remove any blockages, hindrances and the bottom below consciousness that prevents you from knowing your Divine Identity in a real and experiential way.

Ask yourself these questions to assist yourself to move into a Christed / Unified / Oneness / Multisensory / Win-Win consciousness and reality:

What “voice” are you listening to:

The voice of criticism?

The voice of anger?

The voice of victimization?

The voice of lust?

The voice of greed?

The voice of ___________? Fill in the blank!

If you have identified with and are struggling with any of the above then you will be hindered from hearing the Voice of the Spirit of Christ / the Still Small Voice / the Voice of Intuition / the Holy Spirit that never violates within you. To get a better understanding of the difference between the victim / lower self / dualistic / five sense / win-lose / consciousness and reality into a Christed / Unified / Oneness / Multisensory / Win-Win consciousness and reality and to overcome and clear blockages that may be hindering you check out our Complimentary Mastery of Spiritual Development video training series by leaving your email in the registration box.



Rev. Gaylin Read

Quote: Everyone who wills can hear the inner Voice. It is within everyone.

Mahatma Gandhi

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Whose voice are you listening to?

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