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Bondage to Freedom Mentoring Sessions!


“Transform all areas of your life and experience the freedom of health, happiness and wholeness now with SOIL Ministries Bondage to Freedom Mentoring Sessions!~”

Bondage to Freedom Mentoring Sessions are for you if you desire health, happiness and wholeness in all areas of your life!
  • Do you desire health, happiness and wholeness in all areas of your life?
  • Do you want to know your spiritual purpose, mission and vision in life?
  • Do you want to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally in your life?
  • Do you want to overcome toxicity in all your relationships?
  • Do you want to overcome victimization thinking and feeling?
  • Are you lacking personal power?
  • Tired of feeling like a victim to life and others?
  • Want a closer relationship to God, Hierarchy and Masters
  • Tired of lacking focus and singleness of direction
Reasons to have a Spiritual Minister, Mentor and Guide on the path!
  • Can assist you from the wisdom of their own life experience
  • Can motivate, inspire, and assist you out of your comfort zone
  • Can assist you to realize your goals and hold you accountable to yourself
  • Can be your greatest cheerleader and provide needed positive constructive feedback
  • Can assist you to connect with the needed resources and information
  • Can assist you to stand on our own without a need for a mentor


Specializing in Spiritual Psychology is one of S.O.I.L. Ministries trademarks as we are trained to bring Spirituality into every area of life by bringing your Three minds into harmony so they work together in alignment with the Will of God and also bring your Four body system into balance by integrating the physical/Earthy life and body, emotional body, mental body and Spiritual body by overcoming many challenges that are present in day to day life because of imbalances in these areas.


S.O.I.L. Ministries is here to assist all upon the path from the beginner to the advanced student who is looking for a deeper more penetrating relationship to self, others and our Father/Mother God. For those who may be struggling to those who are wanting to work on their own ascension process by overcoming the maya, glamour and illusion of the lower self, and are desirous to come into cultivating their Christ Consciousness.


S.O.I.L. Ministries is also able to help those who are just dealing with day to day challenges by offering our Specialized One on One Mentoring either by phone, email or webcast. We know the challenges that people face daily and are here to be of service to our brothers and sisters, so if you are looking for guidance, learning, growth, spiritual wisdom and counsel then S.O.I.L. Ministries Mentoring is for you!


We can help! Choose Your Complimentary ½ Hour Mentoring Session to get started today!

Psychic Self Defense!

Do you experience the thoughts and feelings of others? Do you sense energies others do not? Are you ready to take control of your inner sense life?

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Parental Parenting Perfected!

Do you want to be a better parent? Do you have a hard time saying no? Are you ready to learn how to set healthy boundaries?

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Overcoming the School of Hard Knocks!

Are you ready to learn by grace rather than always learning the lessons of life the hard way? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you ready to experience a supportive reality?

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Manage Your Time and Energy!

Do you feel like life manages you? Are you feeling like life is out of control? Are you ready to be a Master of Time?

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Spiritual Invulnerability Session!

Are you tired of feeling like a victim to life’s circumstances? Do you feel affected by others? Are you ready to create a healthy psychological immunity?

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Relationship Overhaul!

Is your relationship with your significant other in need of an overhaul? Are you tired of having one toxic relationship after another? Do you want to learn how to cultivate a positive, healthy relationship today?

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Potpourri Mentoring!

Would you like your own personal cheerleader, guide and minister to assist you in any area of life? Choose any one of our courses and we will personally mentor you through them or get your own personalized mentoring program set up today!

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