We here at SOIL Ministries do not claim to be licensed psychologists, scholars, theologians, scientists, social workers, spiritual gurus or even qualified as such. No! Our disclaimer is that we are none of these things! Our qualifications are not in Earthly degrees or Earthly powers. Yet, we are legally ordained in the ministry carrying all of the powers, authority and autonomy of the ministry. Our true qualification lies in the life of our experience and the revelation that we have received not from an Earthly Source but from God, our Lord Jesus Christ himself, the Holy Spirit and the Heavenly Host! Considering that some may think that this statement is lofty and impossible we can only say that our Father/Mother God in Heaven must have a great sense of humor about what they make holy and use as their vessels! The scripture states that God uses the base things of the world to confound the wise! This is true of the ministry team of S.O.I.L! What we are at best is not likely to be thought of as “Called of the Lord” considering that we lost our reputations long ago and whatever belief systems we held onto also of who we may or may not be. What a relief now that I think about it! We are not lily white people who have never sinned or made a mistake. We don’t even claim that we will not continue to make mistakes. What we do claim is that we have been from lowliness to holiness and now we are carrying the Sword of Truth! We claim that what we have received from God and the Hierarchy did not depend upon anything that we could have done in and of ourselves. NO! Never that! We claim that we heard the Voice and when the calling came we laid down our preoccupation with the world and picked up something different to carry.


We claim that we are carrying a mighty teaching that was given us directly from the Lord Jesus himself! We were not given a new doctrine or another doctrine other than Christ or the message which is the same, today and yesterday. Have faith in Christ and identify with Him in his death, burial, resurrection and ascension! We are still to recognize that we are each Son’s and Daughter’s of God regardless of the “sins” of the past of which we have been washed clean of. We are not our behavior nor can we ever earn that which we already are which is nothing less than divine! Even if we don’t realize that we are cast in the image of the Divine this will never change the fact that we are divine sons and daughters of our Heavenly parents with a Divine Inheritance as again, Jesus taught us! We did not create ourselves – God created us!


We claim that in this process of realizing our True Selves we have been changed, sometimes within a twinkling of an eye, other times through years of dedication, devotion and divine grace given us by God, Jesus the Christ and Holy Ghost/Spirit, not by our own works or deeds but by the Grace given us by God. We are humbly servants after God’s Own Heart and desire nothing more than to serve our brethren, releasing them from chains of bondage as we once were! We do not claim that the process is easy or without challenges! We do claim that if you apply yourself to the teachings of SOIL Ministries you will come to know your Great Godself! We do not claim to bestow this on you like a magic genie nor do we claim to be able to speak some incantation that will make you perfect. That is absurd! We have been asked at times if we were witches or into that spacey “New Age” stuff. We have never claimed to be witches or anything of the sort. We do claim that there is a technology of the Hierarchy that is unlike anything this planet has ever known! We claim to have studied and looked at all different kinds of teachings in the process of integrating, organizing and discerning the many different teachings which some say that we should not do. Some say that we need to be afraid to check out different religions, traditions and cultures. We do not claim this! We claim that everything fits somewhere and when you see the Oneness of our great God you will understand this. First one must be willing to have faith and understand that in our Heavenly parents house there are many Mansions or Mansion worlds as it is written in the Greek language of the New Testament. We welcome all here that would come with a sincerity of heart to learn something that they have not known before or to share of their selves that which they have received or learned.


We implore all that find themselves here to enter with childlike faith and not through fear and doubting. For one will never find themselves entering the Heavenly City this way. Do not enter with meanness in your heart either as you will only find that you are a dog outside the gates of the city eating only the morsel’s that have fallen from the Master’s table and not seated with Him dining in Heavenly places. Open your hearts and minds to all that is being offered and you will come to realize all that we have claimed here. You will come to realize that the wisdom of God is the foolishness of man and that being receptive to the Most High goes beyond any Earthly learning or worldly gift. We welcome you here if you are here looking to receive and not character assassinate as many are accustomed to doing when the things of God are spoken of. We reserve the right to ask you to leave if this is your reason for being here. So, we welcome you to register on our site and be a part of creating strong bonds with likeminded brothers and sisters upon the path. If you do register please expect to receive an email from S.O.I.L. Admin asking you to affirm the validity of the email you have registered with. We ask you to do this for a few different reasons. Mostly, because we believe that if you find yourself as a registered member of our site that you are here to be known and to create personal relationships with the other members of the Body of Christ to build up and edify. If you register with an invalid email address we reserve the right to delete your registration. Thank you and God Bless you and we here at SOIL are looking forward to our continued journey of proclaiming God’s Love for all regardless of background, culture, race or gender! We look forward to giving forth the mighty teaching that we have received even though we were counted least likely even by those closest to us!