Do you have a strong desire to serve God through the ministry, devotion and service?


Become an Ordained Minister by joining SOIL Ordination Program Today!

  • Compelled to serve God and don’t know where to start?
  • Do you feel a “calling” to serve?
  • Do you or have you had it on your heart facilitate and enact the sacred ceremonies of life such as marriage, burial and baptism?
  • Do you have a message or a teaching that you want to get out into the world?

The SOIL Ordination program is for you!


In today’s world Ordination into the ministry is not the same as it has been in the past. Today, you can go online and receive your ordination and have it the same day or you can receive training that defies the traditional ways of ordination. SOIL is a place where we do honor the time tested traditions that do work and yet we do go beyond what is defined as traditional and shed what does not work. In this hour we can literally reach across the globe to connect with people. We can use the Internet to provide a platform of expression that defies what was possible in the past. The great thing about SOIL Ministries Ordination Program is that it is specific to the individual. We custom tailor the program to the individual and we do not define how a person’s ordination into ministry should look as we assist the candidate for ministry to define their specific vision for ministry.


Spiritually we provide you with the clarity to define your vision for ministry. Many times people that feel the calling to ministry know that they want to serve and they want to lead people to God so to speak yet they are not clear in what way they want to do this.


SOIL will assist you through Order of the Platinum Robe Ordination Program so that you may fulfill your purpose in service to God. Aspirants will complete a Mentoring Program with a Mentor/Minister of SOIL, upon completion of this training there will be an evaluation before proceeding into the Order Training. Each calling is unique so this program is designed to assist ministers in training to come into their full maturity upon completion of this specialized training! After completion of your Ordination Program you will be given the opportunity to stay under the Banner of SOIL Ministries or go forth and fulfill your calling under God in whatever manner Spirit has chosen for you, either way you will be fulfilling your vision and mission of Ministry and we look forward to assisting you through the Order of the Platinum Robe Ordination Program.




Completion of Two Year Mentoring and Ordination Program


Upon Completion

  • Legal overhead of SOIL Ministries
  • Ordination & Registration
  • Placement within SOIL Website
  • Receive SOIL Clients (SOIL Receives 10% of all client fees gleaned through SOIL)
  • SOIL Events & Workshops (10% tithe back to SOIL)
  • Receive 25% discount on all SOIL Product
  • Write for SOIL Newsletter

    *Candidate may be asked to attend other functions that are in the interest of growth of said Candidate by assigned Mentor; such as but not limited to, ministry services, fundraisers, charity work, Wesak, teleconferences, spiritual events, festivals and/or study groups, etc. Candidate may also be asked to provide service work of some type at said functions if needed.


    Buy Now: $1497.00


    Three pay Option: $497.00 every month for three months



    Monthly Pay Option: $69.00 monthly for twenty four months


    Please Note: We send a portion of your investment to charity. Also, your investment is not for the ability to “be a minister” as we believe that we are all “priests” and “ministers” of God. Your investment is your commitment to yourself and God and for the specialized training that you will receive when you enroll.

    Please contact admin@sanctuaryoil.com for further assistance and details.