Let your Faith Shine!

Faith can outshine doubt –
Doubt has a funny way of sneaking in on a person when they rely solely on their own understanding. The personality can at times also be in stark contrast to the Spirit of their soul. Many strive to be Spiritual but continue to depend on their own understanding of what Spirituality means and/or should look like to them. When they fall short of their own perception, ideal or standard they have set of what faith should be or not be, doubt is bound to set in, understanding darkens and faith begins to wax and wane tossing them about in a tremulous sea of uncertainty. Faith is misplaced when we count on self, others or the external things of the world which is certain to cast shadows of doubt.

Placing faith in God will shine light into the shadow of doubt so that we are free to carry on with life and trust that what we have placed in our Fathers hands is going to be taken care of in due season. Doubt can overshadow faith and steal our zeal for living life. This is why we are told to ‘have faith’ even if this faith is only as small as a mustard seed. We are encouraged to not let doubt overshadow our faith because we are not depending upon our own understanding. We should strive to depend solely upon our Creator to care for our needs and the needs of others, knowing He will meet those needs in the appropriate time.

Having faith means we can count on the fact that God is always at work in our lives even when we cannot see Him working. Spirit is always present and accounted for and never takes a day off, not to mention dispels darkness and doubt when that is all our own understanding is capable of perceiving. Our ideals and expectations are not always the same as our Creators. This can be because of our own lack of understanding and the doubt which tends to creep in along the journey which steels and crushes faith, leaving a soul perplexed, uncertain and lacking in will power to carry on.

When our will is aligned with the one true Will of God there no longer will be shadows of doubt creeping in to steel our Faith! God has nothing but Good Will for us because we are His sons and daughters. God has a purpose and plan for each and every soul that incarnates here. His intent is to ultimately bring us back into a harmonious relationship with Him. When we have achieved this harmony with God we will hear ourselves say, ‘Not my will but yours Father is all I seek and I have faith that you have nothing but Good Will in store for me and all of humanity’. Trusting in the plan of God is staying in step with the Will of God knowing His Will is good. This is Faith which is not conceivable to human understanding. Not even our own understanding at times as we are tried and tested along the journey, however this testing is intended to provide us with even greater Faith so we are strengthened, willing and able to be a living testimony of Faith not a pale shadow of doubt.


  • Does your doubt get the better of you?
  • Do you rely on your own understanding of Faith
  • Do you seek the scriptures to strengthen you in your times of doubt?
  • Where do you draw your Faith from?

These are just a few questions you can ask yourself when doubt starts to creep in and overshadow your faith then take a few moments of time with God and thank Him for all that you have learned. Trust that your Faith will be restored when you seek God. Trust Him in all the ways He directs you even when your own understanding fails to grasp why He is leading you in the direction He has. Don’t forget to seek His counsel in all things, great and small, for this will build up your Faith because you will have a real, living relationship to the Divine! Faith has no rhyme or reason aside from Belief which is beyond our human understanding and rests solely in Spirits Divine Expression!

Rev. Kimberley Reed


Quote: Faith consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.
– Voltaire

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