I hear tell …

I heartellWhen a conversation is started with the opening line, ‘I hear tell’ most often one can expect to hear something which has been shared before, often these types of conversations are taken in like liquid gold or burning mercury to ones soul depending upon their nature, either way they are shared. Does a person ever wonder how often conversations starting with, “I hear tell”are truth that may not be? Strolling about the World Wide Web opens up many opportunities to be able to use this phrase; “I hear tell.” Yet there is a silent comedy in doing so for not always is there truth in what ‘you hear’ or others share.


Sharing is a big part of life and sharing what others have done, said or seen is an even larger part of life. People are not always willing to share of self therefore it is much easier to paraphrase another or share their words of wisdom in order to get ones point across. As easy as this might be it can also be dangerous when just randomly thrown out there to make a point.


Dangerous because the mind is quick to grab a hold of any supposed truth that might make the point without doing the research to know the facts that may be a game-changer, let alone challenge what has been presented. One known fact remains, not everything that has been heard, said or done is in fact true or even worth sharing time and again.


Repetition does not make a truth.“I hear tell,” has been one of the greatest experiments that still continues and amuses. Randomly throwing out a liquid gold phrase or starting a conversation with “I hear tell” in the midst of a conversation can be very eye opening, some gather the phrase like a squirrel gathers nuts while others just pass by the nut, focused on the point they are attempting to share wanting to be heard but more importantly, understood.


Understand this; “I hear tell” is a phrase that has roots in past generations, ultimately used to coin a phrase, gossip or share a story that helps others to know that you are getting what they are sharing and/or to affirm their experience they are having. Using this phrase can be an enjoyable experience that opens doors for others to share their perceptions and “I hear tell, sharing is caring.” On the other hand the fact remains, not everything you hear is rooted in truth so learn to choose your words wisely before you share because “I hear tell” is not always fact.



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