Sacred Ceremonies and Services of SOIL


Wedding Ceremonies

S.O.I.L. Ministries is here to make your Wedding Day a Memory to Treasure! Officiates of S.O.I.L. Ministries know the Sanctity of Marriage is important and each union unique so we are happy to offer our services to those who are ready to commit to Holy Matrimony and Celebrate their Love through the Ceremony of Marriage.


S.O.I.L. Ministries values your beliefs and would love to help you design the Wedding of your Dreams by co-creating your special moment to remember in a fashion that is best suitable for you. Traditional or non-traditional ceremonies is a signature of S.O.I.L. as we honor all religions, ethnic backgrounds and spiritual belief systems so our Officiates find great pleasure in sharing this special experience with you by creating the Wedding Day of Your Dreams!


S.O.I.L. offers specialized service committed to walking with you through the Whole process by offering:

  • Pre-Marital Counseling
  • Writing Ceremonial Vow’s
  • Design your Wedding Program

S.O.I.L. Ministries looks forward to you sharing your special day with us, so contact us today at admin@sanctuaryoil.com for more information.


Burial Ceremonies


S.O.I.L. Ministries expresses their deep condolences to all those who are experiencing one of lives most challenging moments – the passing of a loved one!


S.O.I.L. Ministries knows this time can be difficult for many and would like to extend our services to make this transition of life easier. S.O.I.L. Officiates can and will assist in creating a Burial Ceremony that will Celebrate, Sanctify and bring into Remembrance the life of a person who has passed by working with those who knew them best to bring forth a testimony of the life lived that touched those closest to them while they were living!


S.O.I.L. offers specialized service committed to walking with you through this Whole process by offering:

  • Creating the Sermon
  • Assistance in creating Eulogies
  • Design of Funeral Program
  • Counseling

S.O.I.L. Ministries desires to assist those who are in need of making the passing of your loved one complete, so contact us today admin@sanctuaryoil.com for more information.




S.O.I.L. Ministries is excited to offer our services to those who are ready for Baptism!


S.O.I.L. Ministries honors and respects all religions yet we are traditional in our dedication and service to God, Jesus the Christ and Holy Spirit so Baptism is an important aspect of our Ministry! If you desire to dedicate your newborn to God or if you have never been baptized we welcome and encourage you to contact us at admin@sanctuaryoil.com for further details.