Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministry Team!


“You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world.
There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure about you.We were born to manifest the glory of God that is within us.”

Nelson Rockefeller


Rev. Gaylin Read is a Spiritual Guide, Mentor and Minister that that has lived a multi-leveled and layered life, study and experience.  Rev. Read currently lives in Missouri, USA with her husband and two beautiful children. She has been blessed to travel abroad since coming to Planet Earth, and has been blessed to have come into contact with many different types of healers, teachers, and guides on her path and has always been supported in her travels by these awesome people for whom she will ever be grateful.  Rev. Read received her Earthly education and Degree in Trenton, MO and rather than pursuing her Bachelors degree she decided to follow her calling and passion through focusing on her Spiritual path and studies. Rev. Read was ordained for ministry by Gloria Excelsias of the I AM University after which she decided to follow the call to open Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministries. Through her study and travel she has come to know the Love of God, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and the True Living Lord who changed her life in the year of 1994. In that year she received a direct download of the Most High Living God as the One awakened in her latent abilities and teachings to bring forth in this time on Planet Earth.


Rev. Read has been a student of the Mystery Schools, is learned in the different doctrines of the Church, and has studied many different wisdom teachings, psychologies, philosophies and has learned from many different spiritual teachers upon the path. One thing that she claims to know for certain is that we are ONE in our sojourn no matter the seeming differences of culture, race, gender or religious affiliation. Rev. Read seeks to give forth the truth of Oneness and Unity of our Divine anatomy, which goes beyond any of our limited perceptions of separation. She looks forward to sharing what she has received with those that are desirous of truly living and experiencing Divine Oneness and the Realization of their Divine Identity.


If you are ready to live a power filled life being the cause of your reality, know yourself as a God Being on the Planet and integrate, realize and actualize your Divine Identity on Earth then what Rev. Gaylin Read and SOIL Ministries has to offer is for you!




Rev. Kimberley Reed also known as Lady Kimberley is an inspired, Spirit-filled embodiment of our Father/Mother God and their handiwork! She has called herself God’s Girl since she was a child and has followed Him to this day! Lady Kimberley has traveled the States and gleaned much thru life that she wishes to now impart to those who are seeking to know why they are here, how they can best serve or perhaps what their purpose is in this life-time! Her expertise and experience gives her the tools to help anyone with these questions not to mention the many struggles that people face in their day to day lives.


Rev. Kimberley’s own journey took her down many paths on the road to recovery and discovery so she is well equipped to assist anyone who is in need. Her training has been intensive and extensive so she can best serve you in any area of your life, physically/Earthly, emotionally, mentally and Spiritually.


Lady Kimberley’s own life is now a living testimony of how to live a life of Victory and not be a victim as she has overcome bad habits, addictions, toxic relationships, poverty consciousness, entity attachments and so much more! Her love for God and the Hierarchy is heralded and has given her great inner and outer strength and a love for humanity that surpasses understanding which makes her compassionate towards all who struggle.


Rev. Kimberley is ordained under the banner of Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministries and can officiate all of the requirements that ministry services provide such as baptisms, weddings and burials. Lady Kimberley takes great joy in ministering to SOIL congregants and humanity at large. She is also a trained Mentor and Counselor not to mention an excellent Spiritual advisor providing many services, such as public speaking, prayer services, specialized teaching and training. Rev. Kimberley also holds the position of Sr. Vice President of Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministries and works co-creatively with Rev. Gaylin Read whom is her sister in Christ, together are they manifesting the mission and vision that God called them to in this life-time!