Monthly Archives: November 2014

Calling my Tribe!~


ID-100200659My life has been so busy with the day to day that I have found it hard to connect on deeper levels with all of the people that I lovingly refer to as the SOIL Tribe. Laying the foundation for SOIL and creating courses over the last few years has taken up the majority of Kimberley and I’s attention not to mention the fact that we have other “jobs” so to speak and families that require our attention as well. Now we are at a point in the ministry where we feel we can be more present as to the real intention of why we created SOIL Ministries which is to connect with you.

Having said that I am going to share of myself, the ministry and what it means to be on path of God Realization on a deeper and more transparent level than I have and invite others to ask questions, share of themselves and have a glimpse into our process. I want to share my process and share my path so we can realize the deep significance as to why we are present together at this time on the Planet. It seems scary – it feels scary. I think it is scary because I have felt the judgment of others as to what it should look like to be minister, guide, healer and mentor of God. I feel that I have had to heal not only from the past in my life but I have also had to get comfortable with the calling that I define as my Soul’s purpose, mission and vision even though I am still struggling with my own issues of self judgment because I don’t measure up to my preconceived definition of what it means to be sanctified, set-apart or in union with God. Continue reading