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The Voice of a Sound Psychology! By Rev. Gaylin Read


We deal with many types of people here at SOIL that are at different levels of God Realization upon the path and whether a person is a newbie or long time traveler we always stress the importance of working on the psychological aspect of the path along with the spiritual . There are many that lack mastery of the psychological level of the path because they only focus on the Spiritual Level. The work of cultivating self mastery, unconditional self love and worth, discernment, overcoming victimization and integrating a healthy psychological sense of self are all worked on from the psychological level of the path. The spiritual level consists or working on things like studying, praying, and meditating etc. The Psychological Level of the Path is the cornerstone of the foundation that needs to be put in place for the rest of the house to be built properly. The cornerstone of the foundation of any building is the first stone that is set and the rest of the building should be constructed around this stone. Here at SOIL we agree with the bible that the cornerstone of the faith is Christ and to be able to think and feel as a Christed being we must know the thoughts and feelings of the Divine. Knowing how the Christ thinks and feels relates to our Divine Psychology. Being that we are created in the Image and Likeness of God/dess and the fact that we did not create ourselves means that we have a spark inside of us that is entirely capable of thinking and feeling as God/dess. We must first get our thinking and feeling in alignment with the thoughts and feelings of the Divine – we must put the stone in place. The Stone is Christ and every Saint, Sage or Avatar that ever walked the Earth showed us the express Nature of the Divine. The Masters of the wisdom traditions put their stone in place with a right psychology. Continue reading



Let your Faith Shine!


Faith can outshine doubt –
Doubt has a funny way of sneaking in on a person when they rely solely on their own understanding. The personality can at times also be in stark contrast to the Spirit of their soul. Many strive to be Spiritual but continue to depend on their own understanding of what Spirituality means and/or should look like to them. When they fall short of their own perception, ideal or standard they have set of what faith should be or not be, doubt is bound to set in, understanding darkens and faith begins to wax and wane tossing them about in a tremulous sea of uncertainty. Faith is misplaced when we count on self, others or the external things of the world which is certain to cast shadows of doubt.

Placing faith in God will shine light into the shadow of doubt so that we are free to carry on with life and trust that what we have placed in our Fathers hands is going to be taken care of in due season. Doubt can overshadow faith and steal our zeal for living life. This is why we are told to ‘have faith’ even if this faith is only as small as a mustard seed. We are encouraged to not let doubt overshadow our faith because we are not depending upon our own understanding. We should strive to depend solely upon our Creator to care for our needs and the needs of others, knowing He will meet those needs in the appropriate time. Continue reading