Monthly Archives: May 2013

The Journey of Discovery


Everyone has their different “beliefs” about who God is and there are those that don’t ever ask themselves what they believe about God. Some get downright angry if you challenge them about their beliefs and others are so passive they will believe anything. Everyone is allowed and should be given a right to believe how they chose and to worship the God of their understanding in whatever way they see fit. Religious freedom is very important and should be the divine right of everyone on the planet. Belief is important and it is beneficial to begin the journey of assessing what your personal belief system is. When one begins to assess their personal belief system they usually begin with the religion, belief system, or psychology of their parents. This is the beginning of the thousand mile journey and if a person stays on the path they will surely Realize God. Realizing God is a personal journey and a personal experience. On the path awaits the discovery of a person’s own particular guides, guardians, allies, lineages, Angels, and Archangels. More importantly one will discover a close personal relationship with their Creator. This is an amazing thought to think that we can know our Creator personally and intimately. Our Creator! – The one we live, move and have our being in! I don’t know about you but I find this very exciting. I have had an awesome journey of Realizing God and can’t tell you of the healing, restoration and peace I have received. I realize that there are many who would say that it is not possible to know God or to even get answers from God concerning anything in one’s life or the meaning of life, yet I would have to kindly disagree. Continue reading