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The Sweetness of Solitude



Often times when a person finds their self alone they may also ‘feel’ lonely especially if they are not healthy, whole and complete within self having created a real, living relationship to the Divine. One might especially feel lonely when they are used to having people around all the time that have kept them company even if this company was not always the best, perhaps they have lived a life that has been so full of activity that they never really had time to just be alone with self without the hustle and bustle of living. There also will come the time in life where all of the hustle and bustle falls away, children grow up and move on and life becomes quiet, slows down and there is a lot of time just with self. Life is constantly changing but one of the constants we can expect when we step onto the Spiritual path is that we will spend some time in solitude cultivating a real relationship to the Divine. Continue reading