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Laws of Life


Laws of Life!
Everything in our universe and on our planet is ruled by laws. There are laws of nature, mathematics and laws that we have instituted as citizens to protect us from the lawless. We can throw out law and adopt a lawless attitude yet this does not change the fact that everything here is governed by law. When we are out of alignment with Law we exist in suffering. There are laws on different planes of our being as well. There are Spiritual laws, mental/emotion laws and physical laws to assist us to live an abundant and happy life on planet Earth. The limitations that are placed upon us are for the purpose of getting us to wake up and seek relief by coming back into harmony with our being. If there were no laws then we would remain unconscious to the purpose for which we have come to planet Earth. Most everyone can agree that we are here to anchor a fifth dimensional society or a more enlightened society upon planet Earth but this will not be done without acknowledging Law. Continue reading



Let us all look beyond the pollutions of the world and see the purity of who we really are!


Let us all look beyond the pollutions of the world and see the purity of who we really are!
Hello All ~ Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministries has been birthed forth from a calling that is coupled with a mission and vision to see the whole of humanity healed, healthy and whole and we conduct ourselves according to our creed and code of discipline that holds us accountable, responsible and integral as we move forward during this most auspicious time on our planet where all are being called but few are chosen. This is a tremendous time to live here on our planet where energies seemingly are at variance with one and other, light verses darkness one could say, however S.O.I.L. Ministries see from the Unified Mind of God where Victory already is ours! Continue reading



Fight the Good Fight!


Fight the Good Fight!
“Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise.” Bhagavad Gita
Krishna told Arjuna in the Bhagavad-Gita to get up and fight a battle. What was this battle that he was beckoning him to, what was he to get up out of, and what were his weapons? The Apostle Paul in the New Testament spoke of the weapons of our warfare and a battle to be fought too. He said the weapons of our warfare were not carnal / Earthy / fleshly but powerful and Mighty in God to the pulling down of strongholds and every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 10:4 – 6 (NKJV). The battle that Krishna, the Apostle Paul, the Heavenly Hosts and most importantly God would have us Continue reading



Are you casting your cares upon the One who Cares or are you drowning in your sea of sorrows?


Are you casting your cares upon the One who Cares or are you drowning in your sea of sorrows?
Would seem that the message is coming thru loud and clear for those who are listening to the Spirit amidst all the trials and tribulations we are able to hear this message! As I look out upon the waters of creation there is a great movement happening and the message is the same as this moves thru out the body of humanity. You can go look for yourself and see this movement taking place as Spirit speaks to us all during this time, very loudly I might add. Continue reading



Divine Thoughts and feelings study course!


When expressing your emotions would you say you do so from a Christed place or from the negative ego?
The first thing we must do to find the balance between the expression or suppression of our
feelings and emotions is to recognize upon a Soul level that our thoughts create our reality.
This is an undisputable fact just like the undisputable fact that there are only two ways of thinking
in life. You can either think with your Spiritual / Christ / Buddha Mind or your negative
ego / fear-based / lower self / carnal / selfish / materialistic mind. Whichever mind you think
from will be the feelings and emotions you create and what type of experience that you will
Continue reading