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SOIL Tips to move from dualistic




SOIL Tips to move from dualistic / carnal / lower self / third dimensional thinking and feeling into the Unified / Higher Self / Multi-dimensional / Multi-sense thinking and feeling reality of God.


1. Implement Balance in your Life! Work toward bringing balance to your life by not going to far in the extremes in your spiritual / mental / emotional and physical/Earthly life! Evenmindedness is key!


2. Implement Discipline Four Levels of being: Spiritual / Mental / Emotional and Physical/Earthly. Discipline brings order and structure which is a key on the spiritual path. When we are unordered and chaotic in our lives on whatever level we are imbalanced and out of alignment.


3. Cultivate your joy! Don’t do things from a sense of duty. When we are living from a sense of duty then we are not intimately connected and present. True Joy is not obligated to do anything. True Joy is when it is our good pleasure to participate Continue reading



Redeeming our Identity



Redemption is part of the process whereby we reclaim our identity as a Son or Daughter of God and this can be done by cultivating the Mind of Christ. Thoughts create so choosing to redeem our fallen thoughts forms by integrating the Mind of Christ is essential in our redemption. For as we think so shall we be and for those who have started the journey of redemption there is always the questions of how this is done.


‘Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus’

~ Philippians 2:5


For many of us who live in the US we are accustom to hearing Continue reading



Are you settling in your marriage or relationship?



I read a post on the Healing with Art FB page and I swear it could not be more in step with what I have been seeing “out there” on the view screen of life here lately concerning relationships. “What are you settling for in your relationships” was the title of the post. WoW! Just the title alone inspired me to write a bit as there a lot of people living different themes of this title and I am only going to touch on a couple of them! The relationship themes that I am seeing are people that are finding love outside of their marriage or relationship, not committing to their marriage/relationship and not defining their marriage/relationship. I have also seen the themes of people that are getting involved with people not able to commit to beginning a relationship because they have so much psychological baggage and unprocessed stuff, the inability to recognize their own stuff and the ol’projection of what a mate looks like syndrome.


If you are married and find you are attracted Continue reading



Did you know challenges are opportunities in disguise?



Everyday life holds many challenges, which afford us the opportunity to grow, learn and participate in life, how we participate is important in meeting these challenges that we are faced with. This will either mean we are meeting our challenges head on and taking opportunities that are presented to us or we will be knocked about, run down and broken, left bereft and barren not wanting to go on.


Looking out unto the world as a whole, in large many are faced with doubt, despair and drained, these are the times when all life seems hopeless. How does one go on Continue reading



SOIL Keys to Manifesting your abundant life!



Here in the States I see many people going through financial challenges. There are people losing jobs, completely broke in between paychecks and people that can’t find work. When it comes to money we can always find people with negative money experiences as they are everywhere.Financial challenges seem to bring out the worst in some people and these people live in a constant state of fear when it comes to the finance of their lives. Some people are losing their money and losing their identity as a person because to them being a successful person means money, status and power. There are many on the spiritual path that think having money is bad and because of this belief they have programmed inner vows of poverty without even really being conscious of how they are affecting their financial situation. Money has to do with manifesting and when we are walking a spiritual path we realize that we are master manifestors. We come to realize that we are participating in the manifestation of every area of our lives. Money is part of manifesting and when we realize that we are co-creating with God we eventually begin to look at the finance of our lives. We can affect our ability to manifest and therefore Continue reading