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Grassroots Ascension is a vision of SOIL Ministries and we are offering a practical application and vision of the teachings of ascension into the day to day reality by focusing on seven major departments of living that effect us locally, nationally and globally. These seven major departments of living are politics, education, religion, money and business, the arts and culture, science and our relationship to the environment.

We offer guidance and practical assistance to uplift your consciousness in all these areas of your daily lives. We teach, train and offer guidance to any sincere seeker upon the path who wishes to come into God Realization upon these seven levels of their true nature as we are made in the likeness of our Creator as Sons and Daughters.

Many of the truths once contained in the mystery schools of old have been buried in the tombs of secret societies and kept in the catacombs by traditional religion yet at this time the fruit of the Tree of Life is once again available to all who would come and eat thereof. Jesus stated in the Bible “that the Kingdom of God is within you,” and these are the simple and practical ascension teachings we seek to give forth here in the Heartland of the USA!

Sanctuary of Interior Light Ministries

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